17 август 2009

Oh happy day :)))

What is Toile ? The answer is : Toile is a word that entered the English language around the 16th century from a French word meaning "cloth" or "web" — particularly cloth or canvas for painting on. So I used a something-like organza which has little bling sparkles in it ( It's Art Glitter week ). Put some big silk satin ribbon and lavender net which is made of cotton. The result is :

And that's my gift card :

Two days ago I saw SLICE™ Cordless Design Cutter and I falled in love again lol. I told my husband I want it for Xmas present but he said order now. Isn't he wonderful :))) The price of the Slice is USD$ 149.99 and another USD$ 40 for shipping. Design cards are also USD$ 40 each. But yesterday I found a new love - Silhouette SD Digital Cutter ! It's amazing! You can cut whatever shape you like, without buying desing gards, cartridges or dies! Just use some from the web or do it yourself. Also you can use every font you have on your PC /I've more than 300/ !!! Plus it can draw sketches! The shapes can be from 0.25 inches to 8 inches tall and up to 39 inches wide. The price is USD$ 299.99 but I found it for $199.99 and additional $70 for shipping :))))) It should be here at the end of the month. Can't wait!!!

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